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We work with you to help you achieve your franchise goals.

Whether you’re looking for a career transition, an extra source of income or just longing to get back in the game, I can show you how to optimize your experiences, strengths and resources to become a successful business owner.

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Special incentives are available to assist veterans with business ownership. Your service experience will serve you well as a franchise owner.

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You have the skills, competencies and passion to succeed. There are almost 4000 brands available. Be the Boss and control your destiny!


Looking for additional income? Or perhaps you want to diversify your portfolio? There are passive and semi-absentee ownership models available to suit your goals.

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Looking to become a franchise owner?

We have the flexibility to operate across a wide variety of fields and include franchised companies in industries such as property services, graphic design, coaching, business to business, retail, auto and many others.  These could be full time, “owner-operator” or “semi-absentee” or even “executive models”  (you hire a general manager and act as the president or CEO).

Steve Taylor - Franchise Expert
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This is the incentive I needed to change my future.

In 2009, I bought my first franchise after being laid off from a job I loved. It was at this point, I realized that while I would always do “ok” working for others, I would never be able to achieve my life’s goals if I continued down the ‘paycheck’ path. In the end – the “shove” this company gave me was a gift – I wish I had acted sooner.

While I enjoyed operating my own business, I also was passionate about helping others start their own (non-competing!) businesses. Coincident with the sale of my franchise in 2019, I was given the opportunity to leverage this experience (and passion!) and join The Franchise Consulting Company, engaging with a diverse group of people interested in discovering more about business ownership.

Steve Taylor

Franchise Consultant

Franchise Due Diligence Steps

We'll walk through the four steps WITH you - giving our best advice and making introductions along the way!

Step #1: The Introspective Self

What is my why? What are my goals and objectives? What attributes in a business are important to me?

Step #2: Understanding the Franchisor

What is my Ideal Franchise? What TYPES of franchises are there? Targeting the RIGHT businesses to investigate more deeply.

Step #3: Understanding the Franchisee

Validating claims and investigating "facts on the ground". What makes a Franchisee successful and can I do it?

Step #4: The legal and Financial Details

How am I going to pay this? How much legal review makes sense for my situation? (Spoiler alert - you should have a franchise attorney review documents PRIOR to commitment). Do I have the right finance partner in place (or do I even want one?). What is an "entity" and how do I create one?

The next thrilling adventure in your life is a step away.

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